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Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition Counseling Specialist in Littleton, CO

Nutrition counseling can help you make informed choices about your food intake to support your health goals, manage medical conditions, or improve overall well-being. Meet Dr. Michael Young at Denver Wellness and Aesthetics Center Medical Spa to receive personalized guidance and advice about your dietary habits and nutritional needs. For more information, contact us today or book an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 6179 S Balsam Way, Suite 210, Littleton, CO 80123.

Nutrition Counseling Near Me in Littleton, CO
Nutrition Counseling Near Me in Littleton, CO

Table of Contents:

What is nutrition counseling?
How does nutrition counseling work?
Who needs nutrition counseling?

What you put into your body affects every aspect of your well-being, from your weight to your mental health. If you’re struggling with your weight, chronic health issues, or if you just want to eat healthier, consider nutrition counseling with Michael Young, MD, at Denver Wellness & Aesthetics Center in Littleton, Colorado. Dr. Davis is an internist and nutrition specialist who can help you reach your health goals. To learn more, reach out to his practice online or over the phone today.

What is nutrition counseling?

Nutrition counseling is just as it sounds — an on-going service in which nutrition specialist Dr. Young provides you with evidence-based education and training for healthy eating. 

Growing in popularity with millennials, nutrition counseling goes beyond telling you to “eat your veggies.” Instead, it’s a complex process that takes you beyond basic nutrition and helps you discover how best to eat for you.

How does nutrition counseling work?

During nutrition counseling, Dr. Young assesses your typical daily dietary intake and identifies aspects of your diet that you can change to improve your health. 

He supports you on your health journey with educational materials, a comprehensive nutrition plan, and one-on-one follow-up visits.

Dr. Young starts nutrition counseling with an interview, during which he gets to know you and your dietary habits. He considers not only your diet but also aspects of your life that may affect your health and dietary choices, such as your:

• Environmental stressors, like work
• Mental health struggles, like depression or anxiety
• Alcohol intake
• Time constraints
• Pre-existing conditions

Once he’s developed a deep understanding of your lifestyle and eating habits, Dr. Young identifies the areas of your diet that are most harmful to your health and well-being. 
Together, you then single out potential barriers to your success and potential support systems that will help you reach your goal.

Once you’ve done that, Dr. Young devises an individualized healthy eating plan that takes into consideration your taste, your budget, and your lifestyle. 
Throughout your nutrition counseling, Dr. Young checks in with you to make sure that you’re following the plan and to see how it’s helping you.

As time goes on, you may adjust your goals or set new ones. Regardless, Dr. Young supports you throughout your entire health journey.

Who needs nutrition counseling?

Many people seek out nutrition counseling when they struggle with weight issues, but nutrition counseling is so much more than weight management. It’s a holistic lifestyle medicine that can benefit anyone. For example, nutrition counseling offers an alternative approach to treating disease that doesn’t involve harsh medications. It can help manage or even reverse chronic health conditions to which poor nutrition is linked, such as diabetes or heart disease. 

Nutrition counseling can also serve you as a part of your preventive health care plan. More often, millennials and other adults understand the link between health and food. If you’re interested in preventing future health problems, gaining energy, improving your mental health, and generally lengthening your life, consider nutrition counseling.

Are you ready to explore nutrition counseling and discover how you can use food to change your life for the better? If so, reach out to Dr. Young at Denver Wellness and Aesthetics Center Medical Spa online or over the phone today. For more information, contact us today or book an appointment online. Our clinic is conveniently located at 6179 S Balsam Way, Suite 210, Littleton, CO 80123. We serve clients from Littleton, CO, Castlewood CO, Centennial CO, Englewood CO, Ken Caryl CO, Highlands Ranch CO, and surrounding areas.

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